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Sunday, 2019-05-26, 12:18 PM
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Main » 2010 » March » 31 » Good News Possitive Hindi pa LAOs ang NEOBUX!
3:43 AM
Good News Possitive Hindi pa LAOs ang NEOBUX!

Positive Feedback

1. This site is profitable, if you check on their advertising cost per click this site offers $5 for 200 clicks. If you do the Math, this site is making money at least $0.02 per "clickers” click. Given the figure above this site charge $0.04 per 200 clicks,

So if a standard / golden member click on advert this site makes $0.03 profit from that click.

If an ultimate member click on advert, this site makes $0.02 profit from that click.

I understand about the referral click but even if you’re referrals click on ads this site "still makes money”. Let me show you some computations for that,

Based from advertiser’s $5 per 200 click package.

If a standard member clicks on ads and his referral also click on ads, we are now talking about 2 advert clicks that is equivalent to $0.08.

To make it simple, even if the member is Ultimate and his / her downline is also Ultimate this site still makes money.

Their combined clicks would be amounting to $0.06 ( $0.02 from the ultimate member + $0.02 commission from his downline click + $0.02 for his ultimate member donwline )

So, $0.08 - $0.06 = $0.02 the site still makes money regardless of what type of clicker’s membership.

2. There is no issue of "non-payment" from the site because they use autopay system so all payments are received within second.

3. This site is so secured, they are subscribed to anti - DOS ( denial-of-service ) protection for, Trustwave, and they have a Verisign logo on their URL which

means that neobux is a legitimate business NOT just another PTC site.

4. They have forums and their admin and moderators are so active in answering your queries within 24 hours.

5. This site is online for 2 years and still growing, in my opinion it is safe to invest in a PTC site if they are more than 6 months. But try it yourself first and see if you are comfortable investing money on this site.

Negative feedback

1. For standard member you have to be active for at least 30 days and make at least 100 advert clicks before you can get referrals.

2. If you want to rent referrals, you can only do that if you made your first 50 clicks and active for at least 15 days. This is annoying for "clickers” who want to rent referrals right away after they join.
3. For Golden members, it is so hard to rent referrals. Though they do offer rental queue but it is more expensive and for normal queue it will take up to 7 days for you to get your 55 referrals for $17.30. If want to make it fast then you will be paying double the amount for just 55 rented referrals.

Rental Queue is a referrals system that will guarantee you to get a rented referrals by paying more for reserving them.

Overall Impression

Given the description above Neobux is the most convenient PTC site to deal with. For anyone who know how PTC works I suggest investing on this site as soon as possible so you can take advantage to earn more compared to a free member..

If you want to join to make money just click here.
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