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Main » 2011 » March » 26 » Free Pinay Scandal
1:15 PM
Free Pinay Scandal

Free Pinay Celebrity Sex Scandal - SEO Contest

-THE MINI SEO CONTEST. just decided to join the SEO contest that’s trending among Filipino bloggers. It seems that free pinay sex scandal is one of the most search phrase on our country, Philippines. So I think that it’s my responsibility as a blogger to create a post intended for the free pinay celebrity scandal saga.

This post is intended to rank on search engines so that the real bad sites related to the free pinay celebrity scandal will be push down, google please help us.

By marhgil macuha who initiated this mini seo contest three years ago (November 2007) with the goal stated above.

Concern About Google Adsense
I joined this contest after hearing this for about five months because I knew that google adsense doesn’t allow their ads on any pron site or any site that promote it or link on any pron related site. So, I don’t want to take the risk putting my adsense account in danger considering that getting your account back is very very hard. Also, self respect told me that if I will earn money online, I will do it without sacrificing my dignity, and I was thinking then "What will my friends and relatives will tell me if they see my scandalous post?”. But when I discovered that you don’t need to promote any carn@l things by targeting these keywords, then I finally decided to join the contest, and here I am, huli man daw at magaling, nakakahabol din. And the question is "Am I magaling?”, that we will see with this experiment.

My Hardship
To date, bloggers who joined the FREE PINAY CELEBRITY SCANDAL contest is already huge. Meaning that I am very late to beat these early comers, considering that the posting date is one of the factor search engines like google are using on their ranking. But I knew that the time factor is not the only thing that these search engines are using. What are those? Who knows (do you?), what I know is that I will join the contest, do the best that I can, wait, and hope that I can get on top.

Being a late comer has some benefits. First, I am sure that this FREE PINAY SEX CELEBRITY SCANDAL SEO CONTEST is adsense safe because many bloggers have done their own post with google adsense codes on it. So it’s absolutely safe to say that it is a certified adsense safe. Second, you can make other site as a reference on how to do it, meaning you can do what they have done and even improve it. It’s like a game where they already shown their cards with you having the freedom to choose what kind of cards you’ll use and how to deal them.

FREE PINAY TEEN CELEBRITY SCANDAL or PINAY TEEN CELEBS SCANDAL COLLECTION are the most search terms that trending today, but I discovered that some of these phrases are tagging along with them:

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pinay scandal 3gp for cellphone iphone

Pinaycelebs Video Scandal

Boarding House Scandal 
Bong Revilla – Asunta De Rossi Scandal 
Boobita Scandal 
Boracay Scandal 
Boys Night Out Scandal 
Boys Night Out Scandal 2 
Britney Spears K – Fed Tape Scandal 
Bukid Scandal 
Bulacan State Univsersity Scandal (BSU Scandal) 
Busy Girl Scandal 
Butuan City Scandal 
Butuan City Urios Scandal 
Cabuyao Scandal (aka Teacher – Student Scandal) 
Cabuyao Scandal 2 
Cagayan Bulua Scandal 



Love Seat Scandal 
Lucena Scandal 
Madonna Blow Job Scandal 
Makapal Buhok Scandal 
Manado Scandal 



Nursing Student Scandal 
NYP Students Caught In the Act Scandal 
Oblation Run Scandal (University of the Philippines) 
OFW Scandal 
OFW Scandal II 
OFW Scandal III 
OFW in Saudi Scandal 
Pansol Quickie Scandal

Now, I’m done, the only thing left for me to do is to wait and hope that I made this right. SEO contest, here I come!
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